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The mission of Kids in Common is to assist families in establishing and maintaining positive, meaningful relationships. Therapeutic services are provided by Master’s Level Clinicians experienced in working with families in a variety of innovative ways. In addition to therapeutic visitation, Kids in Common also provides a wide range of additional counseling and therapeutic services for families involved in the judicial system, including: parenting skills training, anger management, parenting coordination and home assessments.

Therapeutic and Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic visits address clinical issues within the parent child relationship so as to maintain a healthy and loving emotional attachment. Visits are conducted in the community or home environment to provide a comfortable and natural setting. The length and frequency of the visits are tailored to meet the needs of the family; a minimum of 2 hours per week is highly recommended.  Supervised visitation provides monitoring of the parent child interaction to assure the child's safety and comfort.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a unique mix of therapeutic modalities including mediation, therapeutic intervention and parenting skills and education. The goal of parenting coordination is to facilitate positive communication skills between parents, to teach conflict resolution tools and to provide parenting skills necessary to co parent. Parenting coordination referrals may be made by either the Court or attorneys.

Anger Management and Parenting Skills

Anger management, co parent counseling and parenting skills counseling are provided on an individual basis for 10 sessions. Reports to the referring Court or agency are provided upon completion of the programs

Strategic Family Assessments

This assessment tool provides a mental health evaluation of family functioning to determine the benefit of therapeutic services prior to a forensic evaluation being ordered.  The assessment will assist the parties and the Court in identifying whether there is a necessity to move forward with a full forensic report by recommending therapeutic options which will support meaningful co-parenting and communication.

Safe Transfers, Home Assessments, Individual and Family Therapy
are also available upon request or referral by a Court.

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