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During these trying times, we continue to be dedicated to addressing the needs of families confronting conflict, co parenting, communication and parent access issues. The corona virus has created new challenges for all and we want to make you aware of what Kids in Common is able to do to assist anyone impacted by the above issues, whether or not they are currently a client.

We are accepting new referrals and following all social distancing and health guidelines. For those clients not comfortable with in-person visits we are switching to FaceTime or Zoom as platforms to conduct virtual visits. This ensures that children continue to have access to both parents. In general virtual visits are scheduled in 30 minute time slots. The fee for such a visit is $50. New clients requesting virtual visits will participate in a phone intake with staff, the cost is $100 for each parent. This service can be used by anyone who perceives their child to be having difficulty in maintaining contact with both parents whether or not there is an adjudicated need for supervised contact. We will support any parent utilizing this service as a healthy and productive mechanism to address parent-child needs.

If you are experiencing stress and conflict related to the corona virus outbreak, we have social workers available to provide guidance, support, coping skills and conflict resolutions through telephone consultation and conference calls. Such calls are focused on a parent being able to reduce conflict and cope with stress during this precarious time. We are also extending these services to families that are not currently engaged in services with us. Agency social workers are also available to provide concrete parenting skills and tips regarding how to address and navigate your children's feelings and reactions to the pandemic.

Kids in Common is a clinical mental health program providing services to families on Long Island and within the boroughs of New York who are confronted with issues of divorce and/or the breakup of the family unit; most often working with the Courts. Our goal is to support, educate and guide our clients through difficult family circumstances and to help children and parents establish and maintain positive and meaningful relationships.


Our staff are all professional licensed clinicians who are experienced in working with children and families using a variety of therapeutic modalities including therapeutic visitation, parenting skills, family therapy and anger management.


Kids in Common works closely with Courts and attorneys providing intervention and recommendations as ordered or directed by the Courts or as agreed to between the parties.


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