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Kids in Common, Inc.

Kids in Common, Inc. provides therapeutic assistance to families embroiled in custody and visitation issues within the judicial system. A clinical, mental health program, Kids in Common provides therapeutic and supervised visitation services, as well as support services such as counseling, anger management, parenting skills, safe transfers and Parenting Coordination. Therapeutic visits are often conducted in the home or community rather than an office setting allowing families to interact in a natural, normalized environment; often visits when required are available.


The mission of Kids in Common is to assist children and parents establish and maintain positive, meaningful relationships.  Therapeutic services are provided by Master’s Level Social Workers who have experience working with children and families in a variety of innovative ways and addressing a multitude of behaviors including substance abuse, domestic violence, parental estrangement, oppositional behaviors.. As each family is unique,  Kids in Common conducts an initial family assessment and, as requested, recommendations to the Court

Agency Policies


  • All parents must be seen for in initial intake interview; the decision as to whether or not to see the child(ren) involved will be made by the agency.
  • While every effort is made to accommodate each parent’s schedule, all services must be maintained on a consistent basis to be effective.
  • Social Workers will not act as messengers between parents, nor will they accept or pass any written or other materials between parents.
  • Therapeutic visitation and supervised visitation clients may have no contact between the custodial and visiting parent prior to, after or during a scheduled visit. If the Social Worker’s role is not respected in any manner the Social Worker has the right to terminate the visit.
  • Payment must be made at the time of service or pursuant to a Court’s Order
  • Cancellations with out proper (24 hours ) notice will result in an cancellation fee equal to the fee for services. Canceled therapeutic visitation fees will be incurred by the parent who cancels regardless of whether the parent is responsible the customary visitation fees..

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